Music Audience Exchange

Music promotion built for brands. MAX connects brands with their target audiences through the music they listen to.


Ford Music

As a side-project in 2018, I redesigned the Ford Music main campaign page. The original page would ask the user to select a region, then they would be shown the artists only in their region. On the new hub page, we introduce the Ford Music program and allow users to browse all Ford Music artists and to filter by location. On the desktop view, we added artist bios that can be read when hovering over each artist. We did this to help users find artists they may be interested in, since emerging artists might not be recognized or known just by their name.


Life Unmuted / Recovery Unplugged

Recovery Unplugged is an addiction and recovery center using the power of music to help people heal. The campaign page will introduce Recovery Unplugged’s music program and featured artists. Each featured artist has their own landing page which highlights the artist’s personal story overcoming drug addiction, now living life unmuted.


Honda Spotlight

Honda puts the spotlight on artists, giving them an opportunity to tell their own story and process and to give an opportunity to fans to have the chance to meet them.


Capturing My Music / Canon

Playing off of Canon’s tagline “Shoot for Greatness”, the Capturing My Music program ties together how creative imagery can captured in both music and photography.